What´s so funny about this show? Well, actually you have to watch it yourself to get the right answer to this question but I will try to explain: The story is consistent and the tricks are good but the fun comes from the comedy. Both actors Timothy Trust & Diamond are enjoing themselves on stage and you can see their „Spielfreude“, which means the joy of play. They love to juggle the words in any language they get from the audience and they juggle them in conjunction with the spectators. Lately We experienced audience from France, Italy, from Indonesia, from India, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine and many more; but the two stage actors pulled all the nations in the show. With the italians on July 29th 2021 there was a bit of a problem because they always pulled down their masks as soon as the backstage helpers turned their back on them. They had to tell them at least five times to put their masks back on and the game of putting off the masks continued until there was a bit of a tense atmosphere beneath the italians. Well, they earned it. Timothy and Diamond continued to perform with full energy and although they felt the tension they kept on playing. The show „Abraka…shakespeare“ is also fun because the show is „tight“, meaning that there is not the slightest pause in the 25 minutes show and the audience is tied to the stage trying not to miss anything. This is also why at the end of the show everyone releases the energy that they have built up during the show. The final music is helping and now after the show it is time to leave the globe theater full of energy and inspired to experience the rest of Europapark.